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What is House Of Wholesaling...

We are the House of Wholesaling – the name says it all! We are dedicated to providing a platform to help wholesalers & Real Estate professionals grow their real estate business with networking, groups, forums and courses.

Just like you we are constantly Learning & Growing in and with the real estate industry. Let’s Educate, Grow and Close some deals! 💰


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Network, Share And Collaborate

Grow your network and turn your connections & conversations into deal opportunities or a new partnership.

Avoid Early Mistakes

Use your profile, forums and groups to collaborate and avoid common mistakes. No one does it on their own, utilize the tools available to learn from others mistakes.

Never Stop Learning

Take a course and start and stop on your schedule.Learn at your own pace and take notes along the way. We've designed our courses with the beginner investor in mind, so nothing gets skipped over.


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