Rocket Your Wholesale Career



  • 9 Modules
  • 46 Lessons
  • 26 Downloadable Files
  • 6 Quizzes & 1 Review Exam
  • Bonus Items*

*Bonus items available with completion of course.





Are you ready to help jumpstart your real estate career? Interested in skipping all the research and avoidable mistakes from the beginning?

In the Rocket Your Wholesale Career Course 🚀, we’re guiding you through the many different areas of wholesaling. From sourcing the lead to securing the contract and ultimately assigning it to an end buyer. 

So get in now, a course that encompasses all that you need to get started in the wholesaling industry or advance your current investing company. From speaking with sellers, to contract negotiation, downloadable materials, quizzes, and much more!



The Course includes:


  • An overview of real estate wholesaling
  • The difference between wholesaling and fix and flip investing
  • What a motivated seller is and the types of motivated sellers you’ll see
  • A breakdown of the 70% rule in real estate
  • Steps to getting started and how to select your target market
  • Our 12 step process to wholesaling
  • The types of properties to consider wholesaling
  • How to find an investor-friendly title company and questions to ask
  • A breakdown of whether to focus on buyers or sellers first
  • Common wholesaling questions, mistakes, and the pros and cons of the industry
  • Ways to find motivated sellers
  • An understanding of Lead Generation
  • Types of the lead list to consider using for lead generation
  • A breakdown of the process of skip tracing
  • Guidelines to decide if you’re selecting the right property
  • Comparable training to help you run comps for subject properties
  • How to determine repair cost
  • Running the numbers to determine your max allowable offer
  • How to speak with motivated sellers and the important questions to aks
  • Common motivated seller objection and rebuttal responses
  • The process of following up and how to implement
  • A breakdown of how to make your offer on an investment property
  • An overview of the real estate contracts used in wholesaling
  • The different types of cash buyers and how to build a cash buyers list
  • An explanation of the assignment process
  • A brief overview of real estate CRMs and getting automation in place.
  • A tool kit of suggested products to use

And more if you can believe it! 😉


Downloadable Bonus Materials


  • Real Estate lingo flashcards
  • Wholesaling in 12 Steps Reference Guide
  • Title question checklist
  • State by State title procedures
  • Determining repair cost cheat sheet
  • Property walkthrough guide
  • Wholesaling calculator
  • Motivated Seller question sheet
  • Motivated Seller Script
  • Email & SMS scripts
  • Email & SMS drip campaigns
  • Acquisition call script
  • Standard purchase & sale agreement template
  • Option to Purchase Agreement template
  • Cash Buyer Letter Template
  • Cash Buyer Questionnaire
  • JV Contract Agreement Template


See You Inside The Course.


Please email with any questions before purchasing.



**Disclaimer – Although this course contains quizzes and tests, they are not required to go through the course. They are implemented purely for retention purposes.


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