Facebook Business | Ad Account Setup + 2 Ad Campaigns Included






Running Facebook Ads that are cost-effective and designed correctly isn’t easy for the inexperienced. Developing the wrong ad strategy and targeting the wrong audience won’t only attract the wrong customers, but you’ll also end up wasting a ton of money

With this product you’ll receive:

➡️ Creation of a professional Business Manager on your own Facebook profile;
➡️ Creation of an Ad Account in your Facebook Business Manager;
➡️ Create pixel and/or pixel integration on your website;
➡️ Help attach your payment method on Facebook (you will be paying for the Facebook advertising);
➡️ Add your other account as a partner or admin;
➡️ Custom and Lookalike audience;
➡️ 2 Ad Campaigns set up;
➡️ Ad copy and creatives creation with your branding;

⭐️ This Product helps create a Business Manager and ad account on your own existing Facebook account. If your Facebook ad account is currently restricted from advertising, this Product is not the right one for you. ⭐️


Please email with any questions before purchasing.


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